“Moon Feels” by Ether Chambles

2016 Collection 2: 1st Place Winner – Ether Chambles
Local singer/songwriter and 1st Place Winner of The Square, Ether Chambles, performs her song, “Downtime”.


Artist: Ether Chambles

Genre: Music

Bio: Chantalle Johnson, who performs as Ether Chambles, is a Jacksonville, FL, native and producer-vocalist who integrates hazy synths and heavy beats to create backdrops for lyrics inspired by poetry and visual art. The independent artist is currently producing demos for her debut EP Mouthful and actively performing across NE Florida. Her last installation was hosted at the Tampa Museum of Art.

Piece: Moon Feels

Piece Description: ‘Moon Feels’ is a song about the emotional pulls we all feel, given the current state of the world.

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